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Thin-strip Ripping Sled Plans

Thin-strip Ripping Sled Plans

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Please do not try to downlaod the file on your phone or tablet. Instead, use the emailed link & download it on a computer. Thanks!

Decorative kumiko panels are beautiful, so it’s no wonder that many woodworkers enjoy making them. Since 2015, I have made more than I can recall. I taught myself, after picking up some basic technique from a friend and a brief magazine article. The delicate complexity of kumiko can be intimidating but after teaching many dozens of students to make it, I’ve learned that the core techniques involved are within the reach of everyone, even those who have never picked up a saw or chisel.

However, there are some challenges to meet for anyone that wants to make kumiko in their own shop. Chief among them is creating the thin strips of wood needed to make frames and the patterns fit into the frame’s openings. Not only do you need a jointer and planer to mill rough boards sqaure, but also some means to rip thin strips from those boards in a way that creates clean stock that’s uniform in thickness.

In a modern shop, the most obvious way to do that is with a tablesaw spinning a sharp thin-kerf blade. Still, ripping 1/8 in. thick strips of wood that are 3/8 - 1/2 in. tall is more difficult than ripping, say, a 3/4 in. thick board to 7 in. wide.

After many years ripping thousands and thousands of kumiko strips, I developed a sled that ensures not only that the strips are uniform in thickness and clean, but also is significantly safer than the standard push stick you might be tempted to try at first. Using the sled puts less strain on your body, as well. The sled also is great for making the thin plies used in bent laminations and narrow veneers (cut from a board no more than 1 1/2 in. thick).

This set of plans provides all the dimensions you need to make the sled, as well as some guidance to help you make it and tune it in for use. After purchase, you'll be able to download a PDF of the plans. Because I am just one person trying to make a living as a furniture maker, I ask that you not share the PDF or printout with anyone, nor post it online for others.

Finally, I've offered a few different price options. No one needs to pay more than $20, but if you'd like to send a little extra, you can chose one of the other price options. Thanks!


Thin-strip Ripping Sled Plans

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